COCOlimpioAdrian Cocco was born and grew up in the exciting Argentine city of Cordoba, which was awarded the Cultural Capital of the Americas in 2006.

He first became interested in food at about the age of 12 and his earliest cooking influences were from his mother, who used to love cooking for her family. At the age of 16 he had his first job in the kitchen of a  traditional restaurant in Cordoba, where he enjoyed learning the skills needed to become a professional chef.

He then went on to train at “El Casino de la Fuerza Aerea” in Cordoba, “Casino” in Mar de la Plata and the High International School Hotel in Buenos Aires. The excellent training he received at these establishments meant that by the age of 18 he became the head Chef of ¬†hotels in Argentina and then later in Spain.

He is now the head chef at the award winning La Patagonia restaurant in Camden, where he has created an extremely popular menu, of traditional Argentine dishes, with his own unique style.